Top 10 Trade Exhibitor Giveaways in 2022

Our Top 10 Trade Exhibitor Giveaways for 2022

It's 2022 and we are finally able to meet again in person! 

You're getting ready for your team to show off what the company has been up to at the next trade expo... do you spend your promo budget on

a) developing and printing a paper flyer to put in the swag bag 


b) investing in awesome giveaways that attract attendees to your stand and get people talking?

Gone are the days of mountains of paper in conference and expo bags. Attendees want to have meaningful conversation with exhibitors. They can find out about your company in the conference app and already know who they want to visit at the upcoming expo. 

How are you going to ensure their visit to you is memorable, and how are you going to attract the attention of those who didn't have you on their "must-see" list?

Here are our top 10 giveaway suggestions for exhibitors in 2022.

1. Masks

Hey, we can't have a 2022 swag list without face masks... We know it's cliche but face masks are needed almost everywhere nowdays - they're a cost effective way to create walking billboards of your clients and keep your brand fresh in their minds!

Just make sure you go for an option which is comfortable and has a bit of quality to it.

2. Hand Sanitiser

Let's get the pandemic swag out of the way early on! Hand sanitiser is incredibly useful at trade expos. Attendees will be meeting and talking with so many people, that having a handy, well branded, sanitiser on your stand is sure to be a draw-card!

Look into all the options too, nowadays it's easy to find smaller bottles that clip to attendee lanyards and fun shapes to really get people talking.

3. Lip Balm

Conference lips are definitely a thing. Being inside an air conditioned building for a few days straight, eating different food and networking all contribute to dry lips!

Give attendees a much needed boost by providing lip balm on your expo stand. Like an oasis in the desert, your giveaway will be a lifesaver to some and attract prospects from far and wide.

4. Sweet Treats

A good expo always has a host of sweet treats available. This is because THEY WORK. Jelly beans, mints, toffees and sweets are like a magnet for attendees looking for their sugar fix. 

As the saying goes, "you catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar". If you're wanting to really bring your stand into 2022, skip the traditional treats and go for individually wrapped, branded macarons or chocolate instead!

As a side note, we defintiely don't recommend giving vinegar away on your stand. Unless you are a vinegar pioneer, or it takes the form of a tiny balsamic vinegar bottle...

5. Personal Hygiene

I know what you're thinking... no, we don't suggest giving away deodorant on your stand (although after 5 hours of being on the show floor it may be needed!). Some of the best giveaways we have seen are nail files, mini perfume bottle, combs and soaps.

Why? because people USE THEM, and any time they use them, they see YOUR BRAND.

6. Portable Chargers

It's 2022, everyone has a device and everyone underestimates how much the conference app, taking photos, and working from their phone all day is going to drain their battery.

Be there hero and provide a portable charger or charging cable set as your giveaway. You could even create a phone charging station at your stand, you're sure to get brownie points for this idea!

7. Reusable Coffee Cups

Jump on the environmentally friendly wagon and provide attendees with a coffee cup they can use again and again!

Kiwis love a good coffee and we're getting better at looking after our planet.

Be sure to check in with your exhibtion manager on this one, often the rights to coffee cups and water bottle are exclusively for sponsors and the venue may need to sign off on food items!

8. Water Bottles

On the same vein as coffee cups, water bottles are a great way to promote your brand!

Again, make sure you check with your exhibition manager on this one, you don't want ot print hundreds of bottles only to have to shelve them because a sponsor has the rights to them!

9. Stylus Pens

There is nothing better for a pen lover than a sturdy, good quality, comfortable pen.

Stylophiles rejoice! They will be flocking to your stand in droves to get their hands on your snazzy scribblers. Jazz things up by including a stylus pad, ruler or brand specific add on!

Yes, trade exhibitors have been giving away branded pens for thousands of years... that's becasue they are useful! Until we no longer feel the need to write to do lists and notes to self, pens are here to stay!

10. Something Über Brand Specific

What is your niche? What is it that you can provide attendees with that makes you stand out?

There are so many amazing promotional products around, if you have a specific skill to promote then go for it! People love useful things and they certainly appreciate a bit of fun.