Mid-Winter 2021 Newsletter


The journey back to our "new normal"

Today, we celebrate the winter equinox by looking towards an encouraging future! As the days get longer, the outlook for large and small-scale events gets ever brighter.

Although we are all tired of the buzzwords "new normal", "pivoting", "repositioning" and "unprecedented" there is something to be said about how kiwis have adapted and innovated in the last 16 months to ensure we can continue to conduct safe business with one another. 

BEIA Meetings 2021

It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to attend BEIA Meetings at the start of June - an event with over 700 members of our industry, with no masks and no social distancing.
We cannot take for granted the unique position that New Zealand is in when it comes to large-scale gatherings.
BEIA Meetings is proof that Business Events can thrive here in Aotearoa!

Panda Events' Top TIps for Keeping Warm this Winter:

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3. Take time to run around after your animals and kids, that'll keep you warm!

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