10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Run An In-Person Event in 2021

The internet is rife with reasons why you should run an online event, arguments for in person events and people advocating for hybrid events at the moment.

We thought we would bring you the definitive list of why you DON'T want to run an in-person event in 2021!

1. Give your presenters a chance to learn how to use new technology

Why not teach your presenters new skills with fancy new technology which allows them to present from anywere in the world? Make sure they aren't the type to wander the stage and use large hand gestures though, these don't show up as well on a small screen.

Panda Events ensures presenters are well prepped and have tested their devices before they present but if you prefer a DIY approach you can throw them in the deep end, afterall everyone knows how to use zoom now! Right?

2. No need to sneak out of the room when nature calls

Just remember to ensure you re muted and your cameraa is off if you are on a zoom call! Virtual events allow attendees the opportunity to sneak away from presentations without alerting others and if you're on a portable device you can take the event anywhere with you!

No more sneaking past people whispering "excuse me" as you step on their handbooks and bags on the floor to creep out to the loo during plenary sessions!

3. Upskill in the kitchen

Give your event attendees the opportunity to work on their culinary skills with quick trips to the kitchen to grab tuna and crackers, choccie biscuits or handfuls of pretzels on their breaks.

Although in-person events offer exceptional catering and opportunities to network over lunch, your attendees will be happy to know they get the chance to upskill for free!

4. Chat one on one with other attendees without disrupting the main presentation

Physical events aren't ideal for chatting during presentations and often unofficial debriefs are best done after the fact in small groups of people. 

Allow attendees to chat in real time during virtual events with discussion forums and Q&A feeds.

5. Wearing *appropriate* pants is over-rated

We've all seen the viral videos of tv and meeting presenters wearing business shirts and suit jackets but neglecting their bottom halves. Whether it's shorts, boxers or PJ pants, not having to meet in person means you don't need to make sure your outfit is matching!

6. Show off your taste in art

Let your MC, presenters and meeting participants show off their home decor to a large audience. This is where presenter testing comes in handy as there is nothing worse than distracting artwork, backlit presenters and odd decor to pull your audience's attention from the matter at hand!

7. Make use of those fun Zoom filters!

The video for this one says it all really! 

Once again, the trial runs we do with presenters are extremely important to ensue technology is on our side!

8. In-person events force attendees to talk to others in their industry

Avoid all the networking around the catering tables and don't worry about including a chat or forums function at your next online event. this will make things a lot more simple by taking away all those annoyingly passionate conversations!

9.Cool name badges/lanyards

Forgo the annual lanyard collection and instead get funky with your vitual event user name. 

These popular virtual event usernames are currently trending:

1. [your name]'s iPhone

2. [inappropriate name your teenager used to talk to their friends months ago]

3. MS-21410-7359-720673-25935-3252309-H

4. My Samsung

5. My iPhone X

10. Spend less time travelling to the event and more time with your family

Swap the lush hotel room and onsite catering for your little "helpers" at home! 

Many virtual events don't require microphone or video to be on so you can watch the conference proceedings with a small person warming your lap or yellling at you from the other room to get you a snack...

Let's be honest physical, hybrid and virtual events all have a long list of advantages which can sway you either way. 

All you need to know is Panda Events is well equipped to manage your next event for you, whether you choose to meet in person, online or a mix of both.

Check out our event management packages here or get in touch for assistance on your next event.