5 Ways To Inspire Confidence

How can we inspire confidence when the future is unknown? 

Times are uncertain and ensuring our clients feel prepared and secure when convening their events is our main goal.

Remember, the event sector is notorious for throwing curveballs, and Event Professionals know how to adapt quickly to new situations and keep the ball rolling. We're here to ensure every part of your event from conception to delivery is covered.
My top 5 tips for those concerned about future planning in an uncertain world are:

1. Have a contingency plan.
Not just for your events but for everything you are planning in your work and home life.
You should have a scenario plan in place for anything that could be affected by COVID-19, national events, or logistical issues.

2. Find your people
Surround yourself with people you trust to get the job done!
If you don't have someone on your team with the necessary skills, reach out to others in your network or take advantage of the number of courses available at the moment in virtual workplace management.

3. Recognise we are all in the same boat
We, along with our colleagues in the event sector, are aware of the risks involved in bringing people together at the moment. 
Your concerns are our concerns and our suppliers are working with us to help mitigate the risks.

4. There is always risk
There is a reason humans love adventure and managed risk-taking; life would be boring without some degree of uncertainty.
Ensure you plan for any scenario and enjoy the ride!

5. Look after your mental health
Check on your friends and whanau but also yourself.
How are you?
Reach out for support to your network or go to this page for more information on looking after your mental health.