7 Tips To Help You Survive The End Of Year Office Party

The silly season is upon us and with it comes a wave of end of year social functions! The team at Panda Events has compiled a list of tips to help you, and those around you, come out the other side of the holiday season with minimal regrets and lots of great memories!

First up is Christmas party etiquette. Check out our top 7 tips to get you through the team "do" below:

1. Get involved!
Look, we are all adults... we know that not everyone likes dressing up to meet the "Christmas at the Beach" or "Reindeer who didn't make the cut" themes, we also know that not everyone celebrates Christmas... Get involved and you will quickly see how the silly parts of this time of year can be a lot of fun! There is nothing worse than a Grinch to rain on the proverbial office parade.

2. Secret Santa
Make sure you know the etiquette for this one! If you're new to the team, ask around and find out what the parameters are for Secret Santa. You don't want to be the one who bought a "novelty" outfit for your person when everyone else has bought books and house plants!
Even if you have done Secret Santa every year since the dawn of time, make sure the rules are clear and concise... arguments over how Stealing Santa works are sure to put a dampener on things.
Also, Secret Santa is SECRET... don't try to figure out who has you until the day, let yourself be surprised!

3. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
Are you in charge of throwing the office bash this year? Are you feeling overwhelmed and questioning if you should have gold or green plates? Remember not to spend too much time worrying about the little things... instead, focus on the overall experience of the attendees at your event and how you can make it great!

4. Drink Socially and Responsibly
Having a couple of drinks with your co-workers can always be fun. It's also important to be mindful of your limit - a good rule of thumb is to always stop drinking when you are starting to feel tipsy. The office party is not the time to go for your tequila shot record or show off your NSFW dance routine!
Drink a glass of water between drinks to keep hydrated. Your head and your pride will thank you in the morning.

5. Keep an eye on your team
Not everyone LOVES Christmas and there may be people at your end of year function who struggle this time of year, perhaps their kids are stuck overseas due to COVID border restrictions or they aren't keen on alcohol-fueled frivolity.... Take the time to sit down and talk to those you may not always socialise with in the office, share the love!

6. Call in reinforcements
Don't be afraid to ask professionals for help in areas you aren't confident... Unsure which drinks to choose? Ask the venue, they should have recommendations! In the deep end with planning and can't see how you will pull this thing together in time? Give us a call to troubleshoot your plans and help your event run smoothly.  

7. Enjoy
Take a moment to appreciate the company of your work-mates and see the good in each of your colleagues.... 2021 is a new year and these are the people you will spend a lot of time with in the next 12 months, find something that makes each of them special!

Have a wonderful festive season, we will be here throughout to answer any queries you may have and to support you in your party planning and event management endeavours. We will be hitting the ground running in 2021 with some exciting news and changes being made in February!