Business Events Industry Aotearoa (BEIA)& MEETINGS 2023

A day not to forget!

This week the team got to share their experience from Business Events Industry Aotearoa (BEIA)& MEETINGS 2023. We loved hearing what Amy H got up to on her Famil Day. Check it out below. ⬇️

FAMIL Day hosted by WellingtonNZ

With 13 different famil groups spread across Wellington, MEETINGS buyers were all able to experience a little slice of Wellington during the famil day on Tuesday.

First stop, Oaks Wellington, The executive chef laid a gorgeous, locally sourced, morning tea, with a slice of history. Oaks Wellington, was originally the ford factory and we could envision the path from a vehicle being made upstairs - to driven out to their new home. Psst. Try their Saffron Tea!

We walked down to Pravda Cafe. The place of the best cheese scones - We even learnt the secrets to making them. You'll have to check them out and try for yourself!

Wellington put on a show for us, The waterfront was dreamy, and lunch at the QT Hotel is not one step short of being a fairytale. Lined with beautiful art in every direction, impeccable service and above-and-beyond facilities (even a gaming room!). The food, of course was to die for, but you haven't truly lived until you try their Aperol Spritz.

We couldn't end the day without something sweet - and the Wellington Chocolate Factory. Feeling like the real deal, we got to make, wrap and even name our chocolate bars. Would you use dark or milk chocolate? After the process of tempering and decorating our chocolate we left it to cool in the fridge while we went to hear more about the WCG story, including the ‘holy moly’ factoid that they sift through every single cocoa bean that comes into the factory by hand to take out any iffy looking beans and any material that slips through (rocks, sticks etc).

The day was pretty incredibly to say the least - even for a winters day!

Thank you so much to all the businesses that participated in the famils, and to WellingtonNZ and Business Events Industry Aotearoa (BEIA) and MEETINGS for helping to make this day happen!