Māori Millionaire

Māori Millionaire

You may have seen her over on your socials, listened to her podcast or had someone ask if you’ve heard of the Māori Millionaire who has been making waves talking about how she is earning and investing with the goal towards become a millionaire. Te Kahukura Boynton, better known as the Māori Millionaire, is someone that Panda Events has been following for a while and been watching with interest as her content has impacted people across the motu and how they have been interacting with her journey.

Panda Events reached out to Te Kahukura to see if she would be interested in us organising a visit for her to Masterton (the home of our Director of Events, Debbie Paardekooper) to host a series of workshops with a variety of students and she came back with a huge Yes!

We approached three education providers to be involved – Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, Wairarapa College and Mākoura College. As Te Kahukura is a 19-year-old wahine entrepreneur we knew that she would connect and speak with them about financial ideas in a way that they perhaps had not yet been exposed to.

Te Kahukura presented a workshop to students talking about her journey from working at McDonalds in 2020 and spending 100% of her money on alcohol, takeaways, and clothes to starting University and having no money, no student allowance, no car and no job. Without giving away the rest of the story she now has over six figures of net worth and is sharing her experiences online and helping others.

The students connected so well with Te Kahukura, asking her lots of questions, some of which were anticipated and others which were a bit out of the box! A funny moment happened when a student asked what an ok amount would be to spend on getting takeaway for dinner – of course, when Te Kahukura went out for dinner that night in Masterton who happened to be in the shop when she was ordering dinner?!

These are the types of community events that Panda Events loves to be involved with and we are here to help organise a visit of someone you want to hear speak at your school or workplace. All you need to know is who you want to visit, and we will organise the rest!